Who needs Mobile Marketing?

Loaded question?
Do you have any customers that don’t have a mobile device? I would bet that less that 5% of your customers have no mobile phone. Now would you be willing to guess how many of those phones are Smart phones? It is north of 70% of phones are smart phones and that would be different in different markets also. But in the metro areas that number of smart phone is still very high.

If your site is not mobile now, you stand to be leaving a lot of your potential customers looking for you but not being able to read you website getting very frustrated with you and your site, then going to your customers site because their site is mobile friendly. You Don’t want that to happen, Do You?

Why the questions about phones? Well it seems that the people (Mr. Joe Average Businessman or Businesswoman) that really need these sites art this group of people that for some reason believe that they don’t need to be a early adopter of anything much less a new technology that is not proven. Well the technology is proven and is growing in leaps and bounds. Just look at any of that App stores to see what is happening with the smart phone technology. There are so many Apps being added to the market place each day that to put a number on the number of Apps available for sale changes to fast to post here.

Again, Who needs Mobile Marketing?

If your business is being searched anytime by a mobile phone user, You Need a Mobile Site, NOW!
If you want your customers to be able to see anything about your business including your location and how to get there, Or maybe your Phone Number so that could call you.
Better yet, your mobile site has a button that they tap and it directs their phone to call your place of business.
Hands Free!

But, who needs that convenience?
Your customers, you want them to be able to order from their phones.
We haven’t talked about QR Codes in this article yet, bet this is just one other tool that smart phone users like to use and you can entertain them with yours. This silent salesman works tirelessly for you.

What are you Waiting for?

Get your customers calling you not your competition!

Be on the lookout we will be going mobile soon.