Tools we Use

Here are just some of the products that we use in building our sites and taking care of our business.

Yes these are affiliate links, Sorry but this is how we can offer you all of the free help by you purchasing some of your needs through us. We do appreciate your business.

This plugin for WordPress allows you to have a website inside of you facebook fan page for your business. It also can present a squeeze page where a person must like your page to see your content and you can offer them a free gift in the process.






As a separate theme for WordPress it allows you to have that Mobile App look and feel at Hundreds of dollars less than it would take you to create an App for all of the mobile devices out there.
I really like this one and am building more sites because it is so easy and I can make changes on it without have to contact anyone (Apple app store or the consumer to have them update their app).







Have you heard of people being able to steal your affiliate link and get the credit for a sale of a product that you have your affiliate link on? Example is;
http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop. To make the HopLink work, you just replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank nickname and VENDOR with the vendor’s ClickBank nickname. This is the basic idea, now what the thief does is order the product after doing a cut and paste of your affiliate link with their affiliate link, they get the commission for the sale that you helped generate.

This plug in allows you to mask that entire link so that the thief sees something totally different where he can not change anything as that link will not work at all. There is so many variations of this feature that you really need to check it out by going to the site and watch the sales video.


 Jason and Wil’s Membership software is just easy to setup and use
no programing skills needed. OK, it took me a whole 30 minutes to setup my last membership site I had to watch the videos again. Yes, 7 complete video tutorials to help you get your membership site setup and ready to add members.  This is still the easiest membership plugin in the market today, and sure that is my opinion. OH, did I mention that it is also back by a 24 – 7 customer service email service that is the best in the industry.  Typically less than 24 hours.




 QR code champ, click here to see more.

The easiest way that I can explain the virtues of the Socrats Theme is to send you there and let them explain all the features the Socrates Theme is all about. This website is built under the direction of Joel Comm One of the masters of Internet Marketing for Internet Marketers.

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