To Like or Not Facebook is here

In the last year Facebook has turned the marketing world on its head or a least knocked it off it proverbial feet. They have been encouraging businesses to post a thumbs-up button on their sites. This has created a race to see who can rack up the most “Likes”. The bigger question now is, what next?

Researcher are saying that if you have to click on the “Like” button to get to the next page or see the article that you want to read that the next action that 30% or more are going right to the next step by clicking on the “UnLike” button. Now the odds are still good for the retention rate but it seems as if they are more willing to click the “Unlike” button right after reading your article could become the norm.

Now, what do we do to make sure that the customer becomes sticky to your site and business. We need to create some method of turning that “Like” into a Loyalty offer to get them to stay and buy. Getting them to “Like” is easy, sort of easy but taking the next step and getting them into the loyalty program takes work.

Now what kind of Loyalty program you start up is up to you of course. But the way you need to think about it is from the users point of view. What is going to keep them coming back to your site or fanpage? The “Like” button is just the first step to get them in the store and then back to Facebook page to post comments or ask questions  and get answers to receive even more benefits.

Keep in mind that Discounts are a tool, not a Strategy. Consumers are saying that one of the biggest reasons for using Facebook is the discounts. Now it is up to you how you use this tool. I would use it to help increase the total sale at the time of sale or to get them back in the store after they leave.
That would be a additional coupon to use today or one to use at another time. The one for today I would make it useable only if they bought more, another product of some type or even stepping up to the total dollar sales. Be creative.