Tips for Hiring a Social Media Marketer

IF your business has  grown to the size that you feel you need a Social Media Marketer then this article is for you.

Tips for Hiring a Social Media Marketer

What are you suppose to be looking for to hire that Social Media Marketer, well it is not just someone that has a facebook account, it is for a Marketer. It is someone that can seem like an elusive new and unique breed, with exceptional qualities. They can speed text with the best of them and post more Facebook pictures than grandma had taken in her lifetime. Have that magical ability to hold the phone just right for the most flattering selfies. On the other hand finding someone who understands this new profession and uses the latest digital tools can be a tricky process. Here are some of the traits that you should be looking for.

1. Find a true marketer
Get a critical thinker
3. Execute to perfection
4. Don’t look for social media celebrities
5. Once you’ve hired, be involved.

Now all of this is well and good but how many can there be out there of that type of person? There are thousands of people that I am sure are very able to do this job but I think that there is more to this type of person than this article talks about.
Now this article came from Entrepreneur site writer Mana Ionescu, which I always find the site very informative.

Then I started reading an article in a different publication to get a different perspective and what did I find, not only a different perspective but what I would call just a little more on target of the type of person you will need and not such a broad brush that Entrepreneur gave. Now I am not saying that their article is wrong but after reading this one I found just a little to broad brush.

Then I found this article by Jasmine Sandler in Search Engine Watch that set forth a list of 6 tips for hiring a Social Media Marketer.  I found her list a little more detailed to the type of skill set that a person will need for the job. She starts with “Writhing & Design Experience” and I commend her for trying to find someone like that but I have found that either they will have the writing skills or the design skills, it is really hard and expensive to find one that meets both ideals, they are truly a rare breed, at least so far.

She goes on to name “Support and Training” as #2. She points out that “It’s not just an investment in the employee; it’s an investment in achieving the marketing goals”. I see this as something that the employer needs to do to support the SMM (Social Media Marketer), which is training of how you want your company portrayed.
Third on her list is “Editing and Proofreading”, this is where she suggests that you have someone proofread and edit what is put out. If the person is capable of doing their own proofreading I think that would be best. But in the beginning have someone else check the work. Personally I have someone check everything that I write. (Tongue in cheek).

For the last tips for hiring a social Media Marketer Jasmine says “The Time Required to Manage Social Media Varies” That is so true. Some posts require less than a minute and then there are others that can take an hour or more. Her last requisites are how “Old School Methods of Managing Media Work”, as Social Media Marketing is just another method in the media mix. Lastly she says that “Real Community Management Experience is Key” in other words, if they haven’t managed an online event or or an online community then you might look for someone else.

I know that there is more to be said about this subject, so what is your opinion?