The Evolution of Marketing

Just so that you understand I don’t believe for 1 second that all other forms of marketing are dead, quite the contrary, we now just have many more methods available to us.
20 short years ago blogging was not considered necessary for a business it was something that the other guy did and most people thought that it was a waste of time. Facebook has only been around for 8 years and QR Codes started about 12 years ago. Pinterest started around Dec 2009, and texting started during the early 1990’s when people would send “07734” which when turned upside down said hello.
Now the point of all of this rehashing of things of the past is that all of these things that I have mentioned are now main stream methods of prospecting, communicating and selling your customers. For the small business to ignore these new methods of marketing can mean that you will not grow or worse yet, your business will die and go away.
The Evolution of Marketing is the reason that I wrote the book “the New Marketing Basics”. This was with the hope of trying to educate mister / miss small business owner to start using as many of these Great New Technologies to communicate and sell their customers as they felt comfortable.
It is sad, seeing the small business owner waiting to see what the other guy is doing before they try any of the new technology. Why wait for the next guy, as most of these marketing methods don’t cost anything more than time.
The Evolution of Marketing has brought down marketing costs in all areas and has made some methods down right a great way to market to your consumer on the cheap.
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