the Book

the New Marketing Basics

In the following pages you will find our book with all the updated information as we add new content to the current version. As new methods in marketing are used we will find those methods and bring them here to you.

We are going to tell you about how it is used and how successful it is. No fluff, no BS, no trying to tell you a story. We will give you the information that you need to put that method to work for you today or at the very least next week. That is too much fluff already.

Chapter 1    the New Basics of Marketing

Chapter 2    Time to Start Your Business Plan

Chapter 3    Begin with a Message Your Pitch

Chapter 4    Marketing Plan

Chapter 5    a Winning Strategy

Chapter 6    Branding

Chapter 7    Marketing Methods & Techniques

Chapter 8    Social Marketing / Media / Networking

Chapter 9    Mobile Marketing

Chapter 10   Targeting Your Marketing Efforts

Chapter 11    Polishing Your Marketing



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