Solid tips for Success

Learn from you mistakes, don’t be afraid to admit that you were wrong. That is the first step in getting it right the next time. Stick with your original idea until you see that it just doesn’t work. I mean don’t go to plan B or C before you give plan A a real chance to work. If you find that after 5 to 10 attempts that your original plan isn’t working then look at plan B or C.

Don’t focus too much on your competition, know who they are and what they offer but don’t dwell on them. Know what they do, how you can do it better and what differentiated value you can offer your markets. Spend more time on your business then you do on theirs. Again focus on your plan A and what your intent is. Don’t bash your competition, it will bring you nothing but ill will and in the end they may win your customers by what you say about them.

Perfection is the enemy of good.  If you wait until it’s perfect you’ll miss the window of opportunity. Time to market is everything. One day can kill a client deal. However, balance perfection with good. Don’t launch junk to the market. Set a minimum baseline up front for key projects. Don’t go to market without them and don’t delay launch to market for additional items unless they are justified.

 Believe in yourself and your vision! If you don’t believe in yourself who will? If you don’t believe your vision is worth investment neither will your clients, partners or investors. You have to show that your vision is the one to be in by Believing in yourself. Don’t include the words, “should work”, “looks as if”, I think this will”. Instead focus on words like, “we will do”, “do it like this”, and “best method for”.

Make it easier for your current customers to talk about you. Give them some tools to help them spread the word about you and be sure to reward them in the process. Use the QR code generator on this site to make a code for for them to send new customers to a special page where they can enter who sent them as well as registrar for a discount or gift for them.