Social Network Marketing

You can not afford to neglect social networking services like Facebook and Twitter,
as these are among the most popular sites on the internet today.
Social networks have become so large that practically everybody who goes online ha
an account with at least one of them. Ignoring this new method of marketing could
cause your business suffer.
These sites give internet marketers the ability to connect with people in their
target niche

If you join Twitter, you can search for people with interests that match your
products and get them to follow you. 

Facebook, which as of this writing is the largest social network, has so many
members that you can easily find people in your niche whom you can target. 

It just takes a little effort to leverage the power of these social media sites.
In summary, internet marketing is not most complex skill to master, but it does
take some effort and commitment.
You must be willing to put some effort into it, there’s no reason why you can’t
be a successful online marketer.