Social media fuels sales in small businesses

Found, laid off worker of 23 years in the mortgage lending industry is making it using social media in her at home business. In a year she has reached a total of 15,ooo fans on facebook.

She has said that a year ago she didn’t want a facebook account but now she relies on the connections that she gets from all of her fans.

What’s more, Facebook gives her a weekly update of how many people visited her site and how many people “liked” her product.

Even more-established companies that sell to other businesses can get a boost from social media.

It is a way to keep customers engaged with the website and with the business. Customers use it to get tips and use it to tell their other friends if they are happy with the product.

Social-media users say it’s amazing how fast businesses can gather followers.

Stories like this abound on facebook and the internet.

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