QR code use

It has been said that you cannot walk a block in Manhattan without encountering a QR code in a store front, on street furniture, point of sale material, labels and price stickers, menus and flyers. In the ‘indoor out-of-home’ spaces of malls and airports, QR codes were equally visible. This seems as though most companies that use them forget that the people scanning them are on a smart phone and not a desktop. I feel that they are missing the scan by not having a mobile friendly site for the scanner to go to.
Another oops that users of the codes are doing is placing them too high for a potential scanner to get close enough to scan. What are they thinking. I personally find that codes on the TV are not always readable either, not too sure why but that is what I have found. Then the QR code behind the glass that has such a harsh reflection that it makes the code unreadable.
These are things to look out for if you plan to use QR codes to help you market to your customers. I made one of these mistakes myself and trying to fix that problem as I write this article.