QR Codes a True Benefit

QR Codes and how they can benifit your business. QR is short for Quick Response, these codes are like barcodes on steroids.

They’re used for encoding information in two-dimensional space like in the pages of  magazines, in advertisements and even on TV and Web Sites. The Japanese started first using them many years ago to track parts and such but now QR Codes have become popular for much broader and commercial purposes.

The information that you can post in your QR Code is large and varied. Not only can you take a person to your web site you can sign him/her on your mailing list, start a sale, give them a discount on a future sale.  Give them a map, alert them to a sale inside the store, take them to your facebook fanpage, LinkedIn, any web site that you want.
You can take them to a single sales page  or give them a coupon that they can bring in the next time they shop.

This is a marketing method that truly engages your customer and future customers from the minute that they point their phone at it. It is a mystery to them until they get an answer from their smart phone.

This is a good time to start using this in your business and on your business cards, letter heads, flyers, signs in your store window, signs in the store on different products. This is where you can take your customers to the Internet and give them a YouTube Video Demonstration  of a product or a mini fashion show, or a tour of your business. The possibilities are endless.

This method can be accessed by any smart phone. There is a down side. If you don’t have your business web site mobile ready then you don’t need to start using QR Codes, but it is so easy to set up this whole system it is well worth the effort.
Start using this system and your customers will look to you for being on the cutting edge in communicating with them and the first to give them a sale or tell them about a new product.

If your site is not Mobile Friendly now you need to consider getting there before your competition does. This is like the new frontier of marketing, embrace it and it will reward you greatly. Ignore it and become a victim, well maybe not a victim but you will find that your competition using this new method to take your customers away from you.