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3 Responses to “QR Code Generator”

  1. Michele says:

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    just search in google for: tips and tricks by Fejlando

  2. How do QR codes compare to or differ from Microsoft Tags?

    • Thom says:

      Wendolyn, Personally I feel that they are more accepted in the Retail market than Microsoft. They started off as parts inventory control for one popular auto manufacture. Next I like the fact that they are only 2 colors, black or white. Less chance for a problem of conversion of the code. The only example that I can site is that through all the changes that the internet has seen, it is still just “1 and Zeros” so why use colors and confuse the issue? Also there are more QR Coder readers than there is Microsoft flag, I haven’t seen one of the MS readers but I haven’t looked either.
      I think that the QR code just looks cleaner than the flags.
      Now my question to you is which do you think is best and why?

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