Practical Profits Event

Three days and nights of pure adrenalin rushing, trying to keep up with not only what was said by the Gurus but all of the great people that I met there at the Practical Profits Event in Las Vegas this last week end, (Friday night through Monday Am). This event is going to require me to do a Brain Dump for the next week at least, as there was so much information given us. This event was attended by Bill Davis and myself as well as over 100 other Internet Marketers from all over the globe.

Now why it is Wednesday before I finally post something about the event? I will call it a lesson taught by Jason Fladlien, “How to Get 9x more stuff done before 9AM than most people do in 9 days”. In that lesson part of what he taught was after you have success in something reward yourself take a break and relax. Well after the drive to Las Vegas (10 hours) and the 3 days and nights and a eleven hour drive home, I was burnt out. So I kind of took the day off, Tuesday. And that’s a joke, I had to unpack, put away all of the extra BS that I always take with me, always too much and catch up on local news, plus, plus, bla, bla.

A quick run down day1. Wil Mattos started the convention off with his “Formula for Success”. Started labeling the Facts and Myths of Internet Marketing. Talked about the importance of Goal Setting and why you should create systems for everything that you can. Jay Boyer then gave us his plan on how he went from “Zero to Hero in the next 12 Months” His story was very inspiring, on how he created over 2 dozen products in 2011, and its not over yet. Then came Jason Fladlien with his quick fire delivery, high energy method on “How to Get 9x more stuff done before 9AM than most people do in 9 days”. Timothy Castleman followed lunch which should have been nap time, but it quickly turned into a laugh filled part of the event where he entertained us with his rapped fire, laugh a minute antics. Always educational and entertaining. He reminds me of Ron White from the Blue Collar comedy tour (glass of Whiskey and a Cigar. Tim doesn’t use a cigar at live events). Rachel Rofe then offered her inspiring heart felt life story that helped her push through all obstacles. And how that helped her “Landed a Cover Story in Woman’s World Magazine, and Article in Entrepreneur Magazine, and a Feature On Fox News!” For the last speaker for Saturday there was James J Jones (whom I have great respect for) who talked about (in his straight forward way) on how to “Get Massive Targeted Traffic without Depending on Darth Google!”

That night (Saturday) there a special event that went on until, late thirty that night.

I felt horrible at the beginning  of the Sunday event as I was 20 minutes late to the Sunday morning start and missed the beginning of John Rhodes talk. I never found out why he didn’t follow the hand out that we all had. But that was my fault, I was arguing with Verizon (I won’t say any more). What I did get, was how “Perfection is another word for Failure” and “Quantity is Authority” along with “Everyone gets Ideas” and what to do with them. So John delivered just as he always does. Then along came Keith Dougherty who is our resident Law Man who showed us “How to Quickly & Easily Create Cutting Edge Products which make people line up and hand over their cash like a kid in a Candy Store!” and more.  The new kid on the block Zane Miller who started out struggling last few years until he attended the Practical Profits event last year when the light went off and he started making money after using some of the tips and tricks that he learned last year to profit this year. Last on the list of Gurus was an energetic and once (I thought) mild mannered Online Marketer Brian G Johnson who shared “Simple yet Powerful Systems and Strategies to Get Oodles of Free Traffic to your Various Sites!” His energy on the last of the day, (he made everybody get up from their seats and wave their hands and jump up and down) which woke up of the audience trough his antics and colorful language. One of the big ideas that I got from Brian G was to journal all of your activities so that you can later turn that into a book.

Always open to Your comments and questions.