PMA Good or Bad?

Positive Mental Attitude I have heard can be bad for business.
WOW, I don’t like hearing that. I have always had a positive out look on my life and business. Well after reading the article about this in the Open Forum that American Express supports I kind of go along with their story and here is why.

They start by saying, “Chanting affirmations does not take the place of hard work. There’s no substitute for examining the problems plaguing your business. Most of the time, people who use positive affirmations are using them incorrectly. Positive affirmations, in themselves, are not wonder drugs for business success.”  I saw this while raising my children, where we would give them ribbons for participating, not for just coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd but for just being there. To me that was not a good idea as they should get the good feelings for just being a part of the group and the fact that they weren’t in the top 3 really didn’t make that much difference on how we felt as parents. We just like seeing them have fun, win or lose.

This is the part that I really believe, “One of the most common mistakes of using positive affirmations is that people project them too far ahead of their current business situation. Repeating, I own a million-dollar business isn’t likely to create that business for you when you’re barely making a profit.” Never thought that this would work, however it has for some people and that’s great for them, but I would just guess that is probably less than 1% that it works for.

Now the reality of it, goes something like this. You fill your mind with positive thoughts, such as “Action Expresses Priorities” or “Reach for the Impossible” so that you are looking forward by acting on positive thoughts and not having a $1,000,000 bill posted on your bulletin board hoping to make that a reality. I use to carry 3 $100 bills in my wallet to help me feel like I had money. That kind of worked, as it helped me feel that I wasn’t struggling to have money because I already had some.

What I would like to you to understand from this post is that when using your Positive Mental Attitude to get something or somewhere, you need to use action along with thought as thought without ACTION will give you a headache.

Found in March 2012 issue of the Readers Digest and I love this “Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses.” Lady Gaga.
You tell them Lady Gaga.