Persistence Conquers Resistance

When meeting with people at various levels of business, the one common denominator that beats all is Persistence of talking to people about what you can do for them. I don’t mean that you are to be a pest, quite the contrary I mean for you to be there and let them know that you are there for them and point out how others have benefited from what you are suggesting.

Just like a marathon runner, if you don’t keep pushing forward you will not get to the end. This also doesn’t mean that you will win every race this just means that you will finish. Well with that customer you don’t win every attempt to do business with them but you will eventually get some business with most just because of your persistence.

Some call this tenacity, I call it persistence with a touch of tenacity. I have a nephew that I suggested that he build a web site for his business so that he could get out of the slump that he was in. Talked to him for almost a year before he finally relented and I helped him build that site. But within 2 weeks after building that site he had made a connection with a company that has netted him a nice income. Now I didn’t make any money on him because he was family but that helped him get out of a slump.

This is also like a children story where the train thinks that he can make it up the hill and does. Persistence conquers Resistance. Always push forward you never know what someones hot button is.