One of my favorite sayings use to be “Patience, I ain’t no stinking Doctor, I don’t have any Patience.” Until I read this.

Patience is that invisible ingredient that most people extract from the recipe. It is kind of like extracting baking soda from a cake recipe, you get something, but it’s not a cake. Or like I did when making ice cream, I left out the salt, thinking that it wasn’t important. The ice cream never hardened.

Patience is that invisible ingredient that you can’t touch it, you can’t see it, but, you won’t get success without it. The moment that you say you can’t do something, you set into motion your personal extinction and when you say you won’t, you finalize it.

The only short cut to success is to start now, because any delay in starting will delay the arrival of success.

You will never get it right if you are not willing to get it wrong.

Never let a wrong turn make you do a U-turn.

And last but not least.
Until you position yourself in a position to have people give you money for what you know or do, you won’t get it.