New WordPress Theme, “WP Fan Pro” for iFrame

Jason Fladlien Wins Again,

“WP Fan Pro” WordPress Theme.

This Theme brings all of the great features of WordPress to FaceBook in an iFrame.

This is a WOW theme.

I got to the webinar late (25 min) my fault, I was on another webinar where no one showed up and the webinar ended, such luck.
Well I am telling you right now that was the best thing that has happened to me in a while.
As I had the pleasure of being a part of the first presentation of this new WordPress Theme
This theme for WordPress makes it easy to combine your WP site and display it on your faceBook fanpage.
“WP Fan Pro” has all of the features for building a complete sales funnel and/or build Your Own Store in one neat package.
Automatic “Like” reveals but you can select if you want the “force a like”. This allows you to keep content from the reader until they like your site.

“WP Fan Pro” allows you to build 2 squeeze pages with 1 warning page and so much more.

Jason is raising the bar in WordPress Themes and Plugins.  He has built in the last year 4 (I am guessing) other popular and very useful tools, Every One of Them.
It make you wonder what he is up to next. He let it slip that they were already talking about version 2, and he is excited about it and it is coming soon.

Follow me over there and check out the 14 minute demo and tell me that I am wrong about how good this theme is on its own but you add to your facebook fanpage in an iframe, the whole blog.

Now, is this a good tool for Mr. Retailer?
There is 2 answers for this tool:
yes, if you are wanting to reach out to your consumer via facebook and incorporate your WP Blog. If you don’t have a blog that is easy to setup.
No, if you have no plans to move to that marketing method.

I will not kid you that this method doesn’t need some TLC (Tender Loving Care) every now and then. They need it often enough that it would be wise to turn it over to one of your employees unless you are willing to commit some serious time to the project.

Or you can hire a pro to do the work and I would suggest that you try Bill Davis of “” for a comprehensive analysis of your needs. Bill is co-author of “the New Marketing Basics” and has been in the Internet Marketing business for more that 10 years.

Send Bill and email: (please cut and paste the email address, Sorry for the inconvenience).