Mobile Markeing

With Mobile Marketing moving forward in an ever increasing speed we are starting to devote more time to this new revolution. Just look at the numbers!

4 Billion Cellphones in the world.
1.08 Billion Are SMART phones (with Internet).
3.05 Billion Have SMS capabilities.(Short Message Service)
By 2014 there should be more SMART phones than Desktop computers.
Over HALF of ALL local searches are made from
SMART phones!
91% of SMART phone users use their phones
to get on social sites.
50% use SMART phones as primary source
to search online, today.
Do you think you it is time to offer a
Mobile EXPERIENCE to your customers?
We think so.

Marketing a business we all know is the only way to keep existing clients and attract new clients. Marketing being one of the most important tools where improving your business financially is concerned has over the years taken different forms. Formally, many companies were not interested in mobile marketing trends like road shows, outdoor advertising in general or moving billboards to market a product or service but today that’s not what we see. Many companies big, medium and small are very much interested in mobile marketing because it has proven to be more useful and with mobile marketing, results are seen at once so you know if you are making progress or delay.
Today’s development in technology and the rate at which people are getting accustomed to computerized systems and the computerized way of living is making marketers concentrate on the usage of electronic systems to market their products. Most companies or marketers all over the world have found a new way of marketing their products which is by using mobile SMS (Short Message Service) marketing techniques which is all about promoting and advertising through smart talk phones. Even though this trend is new on the market, it has a very bright future because it is very simple, less complicated and very efficient when it has to do with the delivering of SMS’s to a particular audience or clientele base.
This new unprecedented approach has an over 90% open rate in the first 5 minutes of sending. There is nothing else that has this kind of numbers.
Not deploying some form of mobile Marketing in today’s business we feel is detrimental to your business.
We offer Free consultation for those that are interested in getting started.

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