Marketing Tools

Every week I find new tools that can save you time or make you money and sometimes both.  This new tool is no different as it redirects your links so that you can cloak them and save you lost commissions.

There are 3 reasons you should consider never using a free URL shortener or linkcloaking service.
1) A lot of ISPs block them because theyoften collect your data and share itwith other sites. ISPs don’t like that!
2) You don’t control the service, so ifthey go out of business all your linksquit working overnight.
3) Those URLs you shorten are impossibleto remember and/or edit later.
This is why need to use an affiliatecloaking/redirect script that protectsyou from all these things and more.
And here is perhaps the best one onthe market. Go to the site now andsee all the cool features it cando… including “hot linking”,”promo redirects” and more…

Watch this Webinar Replay or click here to get your EZ Redirect plug in for your WordPress site.


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