Look out Amazon

I don’t mind telling you that I was Impressed with two young men that I met Monday night at our Meetup group in Walnut Creek. They have a new service that Automates the publishing process to something that is Lighting Fast and with the Now Society this has got to be a winner in a big way. The down side is that it is for digital products only, if you call that a down side. I am mixed about this part but you know that it is a small price to pay as it seems more is going into the digital world.

What they offer is a way to publish your digital products, create a web site and have the back end sales process handled as well. (A digital good is any file which can be sent over email. It could be any file on your computer like a song, a video, software, architectural blueprints, word documents, pdfs, graphic designs, or even a text file.)

Their Market Place is starting to grow and what a great deal that this can be.
Pay only when you make sale: 7% per sale + $0.50, No Hidden Fees Steve assured me.
Why take an unnecessary risk? No sign up fee. No monthly fee. No credit card.

Now how about Getting Paid?
“Every time you reach $40, we’ll send you a check or wire you a payment through PayPal, Western Union or any money transfer method of your choice (you are responsible for third party fees).” Payments are delivered every other week. How much easier can that be?

I didn’t tell you that the only thing that you pay is when you sell something, everything else is FREE. Storing your file, building and hosting your website for you file if totally FREE. You just pay their 7%+.50 cents fee when a customer buys your file.

You may have noticed that I keep calling your product a file and the reason for that is to escape the state sales tax law. The tax is on a physical product and not a file as it is a digital file. At least for now.

If you have any questions feel free to post them or you can email me at thom@thenewmarketingbasics.com.

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