Internet or not?

Internet marketing is a new breed of marketing as many are finding out.
It seems as brick and mortar business owners are in a number of different positions about this new trend, (not really that new, it has been expanding since mid 1990’s at a very rapid pace).
Business owner either has a web site and it is going great. This is a good place to be.
He / She has a web site and it is doing OK, nothing great but it is doing something. This is not a bad place to be but it isn’t good either.
He / She has a web site and it is doing not so good. This is not a place to be.
And from here as you can probably guess it gets worse from here. That would mean that He / She doesn’t have and doesn’t think that they need one.

I might agree with a very few of those people but I am finding that if you don’t have some kind of internet presents then you are missing out on the millions of searches that are done daily for local businesses and products.

I saw a perfect example today. The as seen on TV store is a mall that isn’t mentioned in a Google search for that store. I asked them if they had one and they said no and they don’t need one. OK Mr. business owner I personally think that you are missing the boat as when I searched for this store I got a listing for every other one in the Bay Area but not yours.

The point here is that there are millions of searches every day for many products and services on smart phones and if you don’t have a web site or some web presents then they will not find you, period.

The younger generation don’t use the yellow pages, even online. The choice is still yours.