Great Promo

I like what Gary Vaynerchuk said on Google + this morning as I think he is so right about the Morton’s Steak promo. It all started with Peter Shankman who was traveling by air when just prior to taking off he tweets that he wants a Morton Porterhouse Steak when lands. Morton sees the tweet and sends someone over to the airport with his steak to Peters surprise, So he tweets “Oh. My. God. I don’t believe it. @mortons showed up at EWR with a Porterhouse! He then blogs about it and now I am blogging about it right along with hundreds if not thousands of other bloggers.

The point that I bring to you is that this is thinking out side the box and you can do the same thing with your business in your town. It doesn’t have to be a star or news anchor but just the fact that you see someone that mentions your product or service on Facebook or Twitter this could be a good opportunity to reward that kind of talk.

This is where a special buy on your part could turn into special gift for your customers. Why Not? Good will is where you get it. Giving to your customers is always good.