Google Gmail Rocks it again!

I just signed onto my gmail account and received a notice that they are upgrading the Gmail platform again, surprise, surprise. it’s not the Gmail makes too many changes to often it’s just they take you by surprise, and this one did take me totally by surprise. I started playing with it and it has some pretty cool features, they redesigned the composure message box that makes it more streamlined look and less green space necessary to have all the same features that they had before. Now all the functions we used to find above the e-mail message are below the e-mail message in small icons. They are hover over activated so that means if you hover over one of the icons up pops a description of what that icon is for, makes it easy to follow.

One of the other cool features is the auto window sizing as you typing along the window grows larger. The old features that is slightly improved on is the autosave feature,  I don’t know about you but I like that I think that’s cool feature. One feature that Google has been playing with for while and that is the send as feature if you have multiple e-mail accounts allows you to send as if you were sending from that e-mail account right from your primary Gmail account, again another really cool feature’s Ashley for us to have multiple Gmail and e-mail accounts.

If you change your mind you can switch back to the old experience at any time. Here’s how: start by clicking compose, at the bottom corner of the message pane, click the more menu icon, next to the discard button. Then select “temporarily switch back to old compose”. this will take you back to the old compose method temporarily, but you’ll end up having to deal with this  version sooner or later. this is like most any other change we just need to embrace it, were going to have to have it so just embrace it.

Google I find is more than friendly to Mr Businessman / woman they make so many tools for the business community.

Pardon me as I am a Google Fanatic. But that is my opinion.

Agree / Disagree?