Gmail is so smart

I got a surprise that I was not expecting, while typing an email to a friend (understand I use Gmail and LOVE IT!) and had just finished it or so I thought, so I press the send button and it doesn’t do anything (note: we use 2 – 20 screens so attention can get diverted and does) so I press the send button again, with the same results. You think that I would tell you that because I did the same thing that I would get a different result, not a  chance this a computer and the reason that I will do an operation twice in a row is to confirm that I did the key strokes properly myself, if I get the same results the second time, I have the sequence down wrong. Bla bla bla bla bla you get the point.

There was a box open on my other screen that I didn’t see that said “we see that you mentioned an attached file in your email and you didn’t attach a file, do you want to:

continue and not attach file


were the 2 buttons that was offered me.

Now I ask you isn’t that one smart email program,

every day almost I learn something new or cool about Gmail.

Hey, what do you think about the Google Circles?

The more that I think about and use them I get more excited as to make this another revenue stream. Again, if you have any ideas let’s talk.