Farmville a Business Plan

Lewis Black did a set on Farmville and it hilarious,

and a great education if you look between the lines.
Through the whole 1 minute 2 seconds he dropped only 1 f bomb, thank you Lewis.
He explains the basic farmville business plan, as only Lewis Black can.
I personally don’t mind the vulgarity, he uses it to add impact to what he is saying.
Best part is I think that he has something good to say.

Lewis Black talks about Framville

Lewis Black asks you, “have ever heard of Farmville?”

Lewis Black on Farmville star rating

The Farmville a Business Plan has become a different way of marketing all together. They are selling the best product that you can possibly sell, you own the rights to, intellectual property rights. This is truly what dreams are made of, there is not 1 physical product that they sell, on Farmville. Keep in mind that I don’t indulge in Farmville even tho I have a number of family members that indulge. The point is that this product line came from a desire to build a farm and look what it has done today. There is so many 3 party retailers in that space, you might be surprised, then again maybe not. And they are selling physical products. You could do the same thing but I got my fill of selling physical products years ago (40 to be more accurate).
I hope that you are starting to see how the Farmville business plan is a winning idea. What if you could build an Auto Plant as a stand alone product or an add on to farmville. Or where Simm City could interact with Farmville, or your own take on building a city as a space station around the earth or somewhere in outer space.  This is where you need to let your mind wander. What is the next big game, look at Angry Birds, that game makes no sense to me, at all, but look at what it is doing.

You should be able to connect the Farmville Business Plan to information products. They are very close to this type of a product, where as it is mostly digital and not physical. (Physical products require pre purchasing so that you can have stock on hand and all of the issues that go along with physical products.) The way that you beat this issue is by having products that you print on demand so that the only thing that you have as a inventory is a digital file. That’s a good thing.
If you are not new to the online business then you may have a Hard Drive full of articles / information / PLR products (private label rights) / MRR to products that you have never done anything with (master resell rights) or who knows what you might have available to you at the click of a mouse. Now is the time do something with it, I know I am. I stopped buying and now I am posting what I have learned and some of the PLR products that I am adding value to and republishing them.

Now if you really think about it the Farmville Business Plan is what the entire internet business is based on, not really if you look at being an Amazon affiliate. Then if you really examine it you are just an affiliate and don’t ever handle anything other that your keyboard. What a great business plan that allows you to sell something that is not there except in ones and zeros. Use this to your advantage and create a game or a book or a lesson plan or what ever you heart desires.