Discover your Target Customer

When starting out your business you need to know who is your Target Customer. This allows you to have on hand what your customer wants and needs and gives you an insight on how you can be of service to them as well. Not know this Important information make you no better than a Saturday afternoon garage sale, selling the stuff you don’t want and can’t use anymore. To me that is not a business that I want to be in.
Today in business we need to know who our customer is, what they need and when they need it. Lazer focused is the name of that business. The best way to do that is by finding what the demographics is of the people that usually purchase your type of product or service. You can do this a number of ways.
A. Look at the age, gender and Marital status, including number of children and age or grandchildren if any, of your customer. Each spends money differently.
B. Find the education level of your customer.
C. Look at lifestyle, to see if your are conservative, trendy, enjoy traveling or drive a minivan.
D. Look at their activities, interests, attitudes and beliefs, to find what they do in their spare time. Hobbies, music or environmental issues or politics. Tread lightly on the last 2 as they can sometimes be more than you really want to get involved with. Of course if that is where your headed then by all means go for it.
Then we can start that in a number of ways to make sure that we know their needs and when they need it, by asking and making note of what they already buy from You. This gives you a fairly clear target of what they will need in the future.
How do you make the first contact of a new prospect? There is a number of ways that you can go about this, old school, using news papers, penny saver papers, direct mail, phone call, Joining the Chamber of Commerce, join local business groups, I just joined the Patch an online local news paper that is in digital format and they just had a local meeting and had some guest speakers to help get everybody in the know about them and how social media can help them grow their business.
The idea here is as you get to know these people in your market area you build a Customer / Prospect list and keep as much information about each customer (securely) as you dare. I would refrain from to much personal information but would make sure that I know what type of products that they are interested in and what they are buying.
Don’t forget to market to your demographic (customer) where they hang out, work and already shop.