The easiest place to find computer deals for me is the Friday morning paper and look at the Fry’s ad and don’t forget to check the Saturday Fry’s ad as they run one day specials on computers and other items. This is where I found my laptop deal that is still a deal today.

Now the other retailer that I find works for me in the computer deal department is Office Max. The deal that I got from them on my desktop is equaled only today after over one year of computers deals.

Keep in mind that you are going to have to be an ad watcher to get these deals and it isn’t an easy process, and you need to have the mind set that you don’t need the computer today, you need it when the deal is there to be bought. So this can take some time but if you are patient you can get some screaming deals. If you need a computer today and you can’t wait, you can still get some great deals by reading these two retailers ads.

The type of computers that I will be talking about is for the average business use that needs some power but doesn’t need that high end graphics computer. Sorry but Mister or Miss Graphics user you will pay and pay dearly, unless you build your own.

In the last 2 years I have purchased 4 computers, which the deals that I got on each one of those took more than a year for 3 of the to be beat and the last one only 4 weeks for the market to beat that deal. But the deals I find are hard to beat at any price any where and here in the SF Bay Area it is tough to beat.

I also have done my own upgrades to my computers since 1978 and have build some of them also from the box up. Now days it is just easier to buy them prebuilt, unless you have special needs then you can save some big bucks by building your own. Very little skill is required, but just being careful is required.


Still the easiest and cheapest upgrades are in the Ram memory department, here is where Fry’s is really one of the easier retailers to use.

How do you do the upgrades? There are a bunch of videos on YouTube  that will show you how. Just search, “how to upgrade ram in a laptop or desktop” should get you a raft of videos.
The first video that I found was from Crucial memory manufacture and it was spot on about the differences and what type of memory you need. I have found that the best way is to look at the computer specifications that came with your computer. If that is not available then go to the manufactures site of the computer that you own and search for your model number of your computer. This will give you a list of the specifications of your computer and the type of memory that is needed for your computer. Then look for that type of memory in the ads of your local computer stores or call them.

Most laptops you can install upto 8 Gigs of Ram and most desktops will take upto 16 Gigs of Ram. MAX THEM OUT, YOU WON’T BE SORRY and the memory is cheap. Right now the desktop that I am working on has 16 Gigs of Ram and I am running, Google Chrome with 38 open windows, Firefox with 11 open windows, 3 open Notepads, 1 open Microsoft word document and Corel Draw, and the computer doesn’t bog down.

More memory allows you to do more with your computer, faster.





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