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Idea Audition won by Marketing Company

So what is an Idea Audition, Shoals Idea Audition was held at the University of North Alabama on Tuesday. At this contest people pitch their innovative ideas or products for potential prize money. One can only imagine how many Great ideas come from this gathering but one that sticks out at me is Carl Holden […]


Marketing and Technology Equal Sales

Marketing and technology teams need to work together. When they do great things happen in sales. The younger generations know this because to them Marketing and Technology Equal Sales, they have grown up with this. To explain I point to the smartphone and how that one tool that we carry can offer so much functionality […]


Holiday Actionable Marketing Tips and Ideas

Found is an Holiday actionable marketing tips and ideas for the big push of end of year profits. This guide has been geared toward helping most any type of business develop and implement marketing strategies to end the year with that 5 letter word profit. This was found in the Hispanic site. “This article […]