Best Bosses

Just found an article about who makes the best bosses. Is the older guy / gal or the younger people that make the best bosses?
Being the older guy myself I found the article to be a downer for me, except that I don’t fit the mold portrayed by that article writer. The writer said that it is easier to teach the younger people to manage responsibly, but it is harder to get the older counterparts to hire younger people that have that new creativity and hunger for risk-taking.

I disagree, right from the get go as I look toward the younger generation to help me see what I am missing in that risk-taking of new ideas, I can’t believe that I am that much of an anomaly. After all over 2 years ago while visiting my youngest children in Virgina, it was then that I realize that the mobile phone was a force to recon with and I started pushing toward mobile marketing and if you will notice we have a section about mobile marketing and how to use it. Keep in mind also that we are expanding this market into a new site that deals with only mobile issues.
I will keep you posted here to let you know when it is live.

Now if you are of the younger or older persuasion and have an idea of something that you would like me to cover, please bring it to my attention and I will be more than happy to see what I can find out. I really enjoy new ideas and like to see what come of them.