Backup Social Media and More

Never claiming to be the smartest guy in Marketing I love nothing better than sharing something found and posted by some other greats that we have in Marketing and Entrepreneur Magazine is no exception, a publication that I have followed for years if not decades.
Their latest post on their website is about how to backup your social media and in some cases free. Check out their post

Here is another article of interest from OpenForum American Express that I found interesting. 6 Cultural Trends Every Business Must Embrace to Avoid Failure in 2012. Now I don’t really agree with the whole article but it is very interesting.
This is worth reading to see what others think is important for the new year.

This is the best one today, “Has Your Business Made a Brilliant Mistake?” I like this article as it show how you can turn a negative into a positive.
Again I want to thank those people at entrepreneur magazine for allowing me to share these articles with you.