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Tips for the New Year

New for 2018.
You will see tips posted at least once a week. The intent is to give you tips and tricks that you can use now to help grow your business in the years to come, not just this year but this will be a good start. So let’s get started with tips for the New Year:

Tips to Get You Started

Marketing with Business Cards:

Don’t think that business card marketing only requires you to keep a card in your wallet and hand it out when asked, you’re very Wrong. Business cards are a powerful marketing tool, however only if you are direct and creative with your distribution.
Well designed, personalized business cards can create lots of leads for your business, and you really would be amazed at how large the return on a few inexpensive business cards can be.

We’re going to provide you with a few tips that will have you handing out business cards like a pro.

1. Make Sure They’re Well Designed

Before you can start marketing, you need to get some business cards printed. You can order business cards online from any number of online printers and have them completely personalized. You can even choose from different sizes, so no need to go for the standard size if you want something that will stand out a bit more and you should stand out more than the average.

You want your prospect to go “WOW! This is a nice card”. I call it the “WOW” effect.
In design of your cards that “WOW” effect can happen in a couple of ways.
Layout is the first way, wild graphics, stunning picture.
Second, you can have them odd size or shape.
Third, have them be an odd color.
Forth, this is the one that I like is to make the cards out of the thickest paper possible or out of hard plastic.
I have seen some that are clear plastic, but I find that not having a back to a business card is self-defeating. There is so much to be said with 2-sided business cards. But that doesn’t mean that you must fill that second side or even the front side with so much text and so small that it is rendered useless.

At the very least, you need to include your name and contact details. However, it’s also wise to include your website address and job title. It is important to include your company branding too!
The website that you send them to should have an Op-in page so that you capture their contact info (email at the very least).
If your business is of the type that you can offer some free information or discount in exchange for their email address.

This is where the second side comes into play, with your mission statement or what we call your elevator pitch. Or make that second side a reusable coupon, you don’t want them to have to give up your card to use the coupon.

Once you have their information you can start marketing to them and on a regular basis. You have just been launched into an email marketing business with your business cards.

2. Don’t Leave Home Without Them

You went to the effort to print business cards, so why would you leave them at home or in your other car?
You never know when an impromptu business situation may arrive that could lead to a new potential client.
This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people leave their cards at home or in the office.

Make sure you are always carrying business cards and Give Everyone you meet one (if not 2 or more) of your business cards.
One of my friends always gives everyone he meets anywhere from 3 to 5 of his cards depending on who it is and what they do.

He never gives less than 2 per person and when they ask why he does that. He says; “I don’t know if you might lose one of them or give one to a friend or that a person just might need his services and you don’t really want to give up the only card that you have.”
Now he is a plumber but really does that really matter what business you are in don’t we all have the same need for customers and do we really know where our next customer is coming from?

3. Be Creative

Give Everyone you meet one (if not 2 or more) of your business cards.
Perhaps the most important one is to be creative with your distribution. Below are some of the ways that you can do this.

  • Find local businesses that are related to your business and ask if you can leave some cards at the reception.
  • Pay college students to hand your cards out on campus.
  • Include a business card with every customer order you send out (it’s worth sending a flyer as well if you can).
  • When handing a business card to a new client, hand them more than one so they can hand them out as appropriate.
  • Staple a business card to any estimates or invoices you send out.
  • Any time you attend business or community events, take a stash of business cards with you to hand out.
  • Leave your business card on the table when you pay a restaurant bill.
  • Give them to family and friends and ask them to hand them out to anyone who they meet or may be interested in your products or services.
  • Add them to bulletin boards in your local community.
  • “Accidentally” leave them on public transport or in taxis. You never know who may be sitting in your seat after you.
  • Head to the local library and leave your business cards inside books related to your niche.

4. Keep Business Card Etiquette in Mind

Finally, you’ll want to keep business card etiquette in mind. You didn’t spend time and money on having business cards made only for them to end up in the bin because of the way you handed them out.
So, consider the following:

  • Don’t interrupt people – Business conferences may be a great place to network with people and get your name out, but it’s a poor idea to pass them out to everyone you meet without making a conversation. It’s also a bad idea to interrupt people who are already in a conversation to hand them your business card. Don’t do this unless you want to make a poor impression.
  • Ask for other people’s business cards too – If someone you are speaking to is interested in finding out more about your services, they will ask for your business card. To make a positive impression, you should ask for their card in return. Not only does this portray you in a good light, and show that you found the conversation interesting, you can also use their contact details to follow up with them later.
  • Keep your business cards up to date – It is very unprofessional to hand over a business card that contains out of date information. Business card printing is inexpensive, so if any of your details change, take the time to get your cards updated.
    Whatever you do, don’t cross off incorrect details and add the new ones with pen. If you are too cheap to buy new business cards, your contacts may start to wonder what other areas of your business you are cutting corners in.

Business card marketing can be very profitable if you do it right. Use the creative ideas we’ve explained above. Also, keep business card etiquette in mind and you should see a lot of success.

Remember that all it takes is 1 person to respond to your business card and you will more than likely pay for them with that 1 contact. Your business cards should be a life time endeavor no matter what business you are in.

PS: Why I think that is an important part of your business.
I had a printing press before I could drive (legally) and have been making and handing out business cards ever since.

The money is in the List!


If you have any suggestions on other simple things to do with your business cards please forward them on or post on “the New Marketing Basics” website or Facebook page.

Idea Audition won by Marketing Company

So what is an Idea Audition, Shoals Idea Audition was held at the University of North Alabama on Tuesday. At this contest people pitch their innovative ideas or products for potential prize money. One can only imagine how many Great ideas come from this gathering but one that sticks out at me is Carl Holden pitch for his company, Vicinidi, “as a way to disseminate information based on geographical location and not personal connections.”

He went on to say “Social media companies don’t care about local conversations and ad costs are increasing. Their reach is decreasing. Social media needs a new solution. That’s why I have created Vicinidi, a location based social media app.” He continues with current popular social media platforms people must be friends or share a connection to view posts and this is is sometimes difficult to find even with these connections because of so many posts with ads that limits the audience. There is so much local and national conversation happening in our communities and then you add the cat memes and arguments about Trump. It becomes a bunch of junk that we don’t want to see and your ad is lost somewhere in that mess.

Some of the uses for Mr. Holden’s idea would be yard sales on the simple side but sharing business information at networking events or for organizations or businesses to spread the word about events or special announcements along with other occurrence on the app and set the geographic location. The app would then use geo-fencing to share that information with people who also have the app who are in the area or come into the area during a set time.

This just requires this kind of app being accepted by the masses and I personally see that as an uphill battle. But many thought that about Facebook and so many others that many of us are using today. To see the complete article click here.

Marketing and Technology Equal Sales

Marketing and technology teams
need to work together.

When they do great things happen in sales.

cloud, marketing


The younger generations know this because to them Marketing and Technology Equal Sales, they have grown up with this. To explain I point to the smartphone and how that one tool that we carry can offer so much functionality to our lives at home and in business on the go.  Now big business has been using some of the latest tricks to get the consumer to their business or to connect with them while they are in your business.

Ultimately, the success of any IT system is tied to user adoption. Can help clients develop programs to train their workforce and organize their infrastructure to achieve enterprise-wide buy-in for the new systems and exceptional return on their technology investments.

In conjunction with Marketing & Sales Practice, can help clients extract the most value from their IT investment at a time when rapidly changing technology is fundamentally affecting most aspects of marketing and sales strategy and execution.

Why use Real-Time Marketing

clockWhy use Real-Time Marketing? Marketers point to jumping on current trends and events, with a Selfie at a special event being the prime example. Others see real-time marketing as “dynamic personalized content across channels,” with brands providing content tailored to their audience on the fly. Others describe it as the right message delivered at the right time on the right platform, no matter of how “real-time” the content actually is. Personally really What ever your definition of real-time marketing, there is no doubt that there is valuable tools for reaching your audience with content that matters to them.

And in this article there are several reasons why you should include real-time marketing in your marketing plan.

Social Sickness

Social Sickness Infographics

Social Sickness Infographics
by Column Five Marketo.

Half truth half fiction, but none the less a bit of good information to see how you rate in social sickness.