About Us

We are 2 guys that met each other at a Las Vegas Seminar on Internet Marketing who found out that we live in the same town only blocks away from each other.  Small world.
More than anything we have had the same desires to succeed in Internet Marketing and also want to help the local businesses succeed as well in off line marketing.

I have been in Sales, marketing and advertising for more than 45 years.  I have trained under great sales people for all of those years.  I have created my own products (hard products, anti siphon devices) and booklets as a publisher in that same 45 year span.

I ran a route (selling bread) in the Silicon Valley for 30 of those years and now retired and writing about all of the successes and how they worked.  You would be surprised how many of the old techniques of years past still work.

I have been at the forefront of the web, internet marketing, and online sales since the beginning, having started a successful web development and computer consulting business way back in 1996. I’ve also been a part of several start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, serving the high-tech, telecommunications, and finance industries. A process-improvement junkie, I have helped individuals and small businesses improve their operational effectiveness and marketing efforts.

Marketing has come up with some new ideas but the basic sales process is still king.  What has changed so dramatically is the delivery of those sales techniques.  Advertising is how you reach your customer and the methods of delivery have changed but not the sales process.  That for the most part has not changed.

The Book and this site will help put you into the black of making green.