Marketing and Technology Equal Sales

Marketing and technology teams
need to work together.

When they do great things happen in sales.

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The younger generations know this because to them Marketing and Technology Equal Sales, they have grown up with this. To explain I point to the smartphone and how that one tool that we carry can offer so much functionality to our lives at home and in business on the go.  Now big business has been using some of the latest tricks to get the consumer to their business or to connect with them while they are in your business.

Ultimately, the success of any IT system is tied to user adoption. Can help clients develop programs to train their workforce and organize their infrastructure to achieve enterprise-wide buy-in for the new systems and exceptional return on their technology investments.

In conjunction with Marketing & Sales Practice, can help clients extract the most value from their IT investment at a time when rapidly changing technology is fundamentally affecting most aspects of marketing and sales strategy and execution.

Why use Real-Time Marketing

clockWhy use Real-Time Marketing? Marketers point to jumping on current trends and events, with a Selfie at a special event being the prime example. Others see real-time marketing as “dynamic personalized content across channels,” with brands providing content tailored to their audience on the fly. Others describe it as the right message delivered at the right time on the right platform, no matter of how “real-time” the content actually is. Personally really What ever your definition of real-time marketing, there is no doubt that there is valuable tools for reaching your audience with content that matters to them.

And in this article there are several reasons why you should include real-time marketing in your marketing plan.

Social Sickness

Social Sickness Infographics

Social Sickness Infographics
by Column Five Marketo.

Half truth half fiction, but none the less a bit of good information to see how you rate in social sickness.


Only thing you need to know about Content Marketing Strategy

All of the buzz about Content Marketing lately but not many people are really understanding what is meant by Content Marketing as a Strategy. Found at B2C community a great article authored by Lacy Boggs a professional ghost blogger who has been telling stories since she first learned to talk.
She goes on to talk about just “Making content marketing a part of your plan.” She does go on to explain what she means. She claims that it is easy once you set yourself up to do just that.
You can check out the complete article here.

Pros Share 15 Power Tips for Super Blog Titles

When it comes time for you to write a title for your blog post, all of a sudden everything stops, if you’re anything like me. I can write a blog title, but I will sit and ask myself if it is good enough to get my readers to read it? I found Writer Jasmine Henry over at the business 2 community blog offers up this great article “Pros Share 15 Power Tips for Super Blog Titles” and I paraphrase.
This article is very in depth and ultra-specific, on how to “Be a Tease”, Ask a question, Be a Little Negative, Enumerate, Use a Verb, as well as giving you examples of each point and what she means and So Much More.(“and So Much More.” From infomercial fame.)
Here is one tip and I quote;

“8. Be Authoritative

Thought leadership is hard-earned, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel free to brag a little about what you know in your blog titles:

  • What I’ve Learned During a Decade of Blogging
  • 20 Exclusive Copywriting Tips Even Gurus Will Be Surprised to Know

People don’t want to waste their time with basic, mediocre articles. They want to learn from experts! By establishing your authority from the start, people will be a lot more likely to listen.”